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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  April 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a moment. we switched over to anny hong who's in for howard today. >> you'll need a couple of things as you're heading out the door. your umbrella and sunglasses because we'll encounter areas of fog but also partly cloudy in some locations to mostly sunny. kind of a mixed bag out there. but dry roads throughout. here's a look at your day planner for your wednesday. we're waking up to partly cloudy, mostly sunny conditions. by noon, we'll be in the 70s. it will be gusty. thrs afternoon and evening, we do have a chance for some thunderstorms, some of which could be severe but a lot of locations will make it into the 80s for today. currently, it is in the 50s in downtown. a mild day out there. not bad. 57 andrews air force base. 65 in luray at this hour. the satellite and radar picture showing us the showers are to the north of us. we do have some unstable conditions coming this way possibly this afternoon. that could provide us some thunderstorms. highs for today though, look at these numbers, not bad here. 80 for downtown. 87 in culpepper.
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83 in luray. also, we do have areas of patchy dense fog mainly in northern maryland, potomac highlands and the shenandoah valley. so, for your drive in, here's angie with your traffic. good morning, angie. >> good morning, anny. welcome to the 5:00 hour to kick things off, the green light telling us that most places nice and clear out there. we do have one type to tell you about. want to let you know out in the haymarket area, if we could go over to our maps, that would be great. we have a problem. james madison highway where it meets log mill road, that's where the accident is. 95 headed northbound trip. things are moving nicely here. we'll take it outside, open up the door. show you there is a little bit of volume starting to build around route 123. back over to the real time graphics, we keep it in virginia. shift your focus over to 66. we're tracking you eastbound drivers. you're incident free from manassas through fairfax to inside the beltway. your travel times looks like everyone is still moving at speed all over the place.
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it looks like a 9 minute commute traveling southbound on 95 approaching the capital beltway and speaking of the beltway on the inner loop from route 4 pennsylvania to the wilson bridge, only about a ten minute drive time. andrea and mike, when we return with our next traffic report at 5:09, a look at the gw parkway. >> thank you, angie. with air-traffic controllers coming under more scrutiny, this one involving michelle obama. >> she's just fine but this is one more mark to add to the reports of sleeping on the job, watching movies at work. 9news now reporter surae chinn joins us outside andrews air force base with more on what happened. >> this was scary when we first heard about it, surae. >> good morning to both of you. i want to first say the planes never got in danger of a collision. nevertheless, the faa and an investigation has been launched here at andrews air force base to find out why the plane got too close in the first place.
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>> shall we slow down? >> air-traffic controllers in warrenton tried to slow down mrs. obama's plane. her plane got too close according to faa standards to a larger military cargo plane flying ahead. the first lady was at an event with jill biden returning from new york. the large cargo plane landed first but would not have been able to exit the runway quick enough to allow mrs. obama's plane, a military version of a boeing 737 to land safely. controllers told the pilots to do a series of turns then ordered them to do what's called a go around, essentially, a single and then a second landing approach. these measures are not unsafe but with the first lady, of course, on board this plane, it is getting a lot of attention. mike, andrea? >> thanks, surae. she's live out near where the incident took place. >> andrews air force base. >> while you slept, more severe weather has been hitting the country's midsection.
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>> absolutely. more severe storms hit last night in missouri and several other states. storm chasers near bowling green captured video of a huge funnel cloud and the storms brought down power lines and damaged some homes there. no injuries luckily were reported. there were also numerous reports of hail as big as golf balls. >> wow. >> here at home, we're still trying to learn why the floodwalls were nottity about up in georgetown before monday morning's high tide flooded out several businesses in washington harbor. the owner and property manager of mrp real estate services says more than 100 workers have been on a 24-hour cleanup schedule since the flooding. much of the water has been pumped out, the power is still off to the building. >> in other news, president obama made his pitch for fixing the federal deficit at northern virginia community college in anendale. the president told students and teachers he wants to work with the republicans to trim the deficit. he's only willing to cut so
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much. >> so what. we cut transportation by another third. and what's going to happen to america? we're going to have potholes everywhere? we're just going to have bridges collapsing everywhere? are we going to continue to have airports that are substandard? >> the annandale event was the first of three town hall style meetings. president obama has scheduled for this week. virginia governor bob mcdonnell has rolled out his teacher merit pay plan. 169 public schools in the state which are struggling are eligible to apply for a total of $3 million in grants. each teacher cab earn up to $5,000 in additional pay if their student's standardized test scores improve. the deadline to apply, june 15th. >> it is time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> jessica is here with today's headlines. >> hey, jess. you want earnings, we've got earnings today on wall street. it is all about the tech earnings reports today for the street, that and new reports
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about the health of the housing market. another one comes out this morning. on the heels of new home construction jumping to a 6 month high in march. checking the numbers on wall street, the dow stands at 12,267, climbed about 65 points in trading yesterday. the nasdaq up by about 9 and a half and the s&p 500 was up by over 7 points. >> now, two tech giants did not disappoint wall street. after the closing bell, intel said profits soared 29% last quarter. ibm reported a 10% jump in earnings and ibm raised its full-year profit outlook. apple is set to release its earnings. it is a big day for facebook, too. president obama will visit the company's headquarters in san francisco. the first sitting head of state to visit the brick and mortar home of the social media powerhouse. there, the president plans to hold a town hall meeting to talk about his plans to cut the deficit. he has about 19 million facebook friends. >> he does? >> not so shabby.
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>> better than me. that's for sure. >> i don't know if i want to respond to that many fans anyhow. what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> we've been talking about how air fares are going up. it is starting to look like that's not working out for the airlines. we'll talk about that. >> someone who likes to fly. that's a good thing. >> passenger rights taking power in their own hands. thank you, jess. >> the nationals play a doubleheader today. >> take a look at why last night's game against the cardinals was canceled. a severe storm dumped hail on busch stadium in st. louis. >> plus, they might be willing to risk hail in parts of texas if they could get some rain. we'll be right back. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309.
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>> you may encounter patchy, dense fog. looking at partly cloudy conditions to fair skies out there. and it is going to warm up into the 80s by late this afternoon. now, along with the partly cloudy conditions, we do have a chance for some showers, thunderstorms and some of which could be severe in nature. so, keep your eyes out on that. definitely pack the umbrella just in case. also, be gusty today. watch out for that. here's angie with your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, anny. thank you very much. we're look at our real time graphics traveling the gw parkway all the way past spout run. smooth sailing. still ahead, a look at your maryland roads in my next traffic report at 5:17. back to you. thank you, angie. making news at 5:09, engineers in japan are executing crucial steps toward easing the crisis at the fukushima plant. they're pumping highly radioactive water into a
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makeshift storage area. with 70,000 tons of contaminated water to move, the process will take months. authorities in texas are worried a wildfire that's already -- could turn another 63,000 before firefighters can get it under control. this is the biggest fire in what's called the possum kingdom ever. but there are dozens of other fires burning across the state as well. >> a couple of storm chairses got just what they were looking for last night in illinois. they captured a tornado on the move near litchfield. the storms destroyed at least three homes in that town as well as toppling trees and power lines. authorities there report no injuries which is amazing, looking at that. >> some good news for frustrated air travelers, the government is expanding the air passenger bill of rights. >> at 5:18, a generous lottery winner from northern virginia has already given away at least 20% of his winnings. next at 5:14, a closer look at
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our chances for severe weather later today. we'll be back. you're watching 9news now. [ female announcer ] for fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief from even congestion and pressure. [ man ] after allegra-d, i have it all.
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>> coming up on 5:14 this wednesday morning.
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anny says you'll need two things, the umbrella but you'll also need the sunglasses. >> also, dress light because we're looking at warmer conditions today compared to yesterday. yeah, so, i think it will be a nice looking day as well. we saw a lot of gray skies yesterday. kind of looked ugly. but today, much prettier. as you're heading out the door this morning, make sure you bring the umbrella just in case. we also have your bus stop forecast. a lot of kids are on spring break but not everybody. partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions. areas. patchy dense fog. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. mild start to your wednesday morning. here is a look at your day planner for today. 57 degrees. partly cloudy conditions. now, by noon, we do have a chance for some thunderstorms. some of which could be isolated in nature. we do also have winds out of the southwest around 60 miles per hour. it will be gusty throughout today. along with the warmer conditions in the 80s. by 8:00 in the mid-70s. not a bad day to be outside. maybe have dinner outside if
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you want. >> in the 50s for downtown. 48 in manassas. 48 for winchester. look at luray, 61 degrees is a nice reading there. visibilities down to zero for frederick. we've got some patchy fog out there. also for martinsburg down to a quarter mile. hagerstown, quarter mile visibility. definitely in these locations, you may want to head out the door a little sooner than you normally do. downtown, we're not worried about it. nine miles is perfectly fine. no issues there. satellite and radar picture, look out to the west. we have some severe weather. thunderstorms, tornadoes are possible. that's why in our area, we're watching for the slight possibility of some severe thunderstorms today as well which could produce damaging wind gusts. your future cast for today, overall, we're not expecting widespread rain. may have some isolated showers. we'll see sunshine today. tomorrow, even sunnier. cold front coming through. with the cold front clashing with the warmer air, that's why
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we think we could see some thunderstorms popping up which could be severe in nature for today. tomorrow's dry but friday, you can see we have showers coming in and that rain sticking around for friday and into saturday. your highs for today, look at the numbers. not bad here. lower 80s for downtown. 84 in manassas. 85 in leesburg. upper 70s for annapolis. above average highs for your wednesday. enjoy the warmth because things change quickly after that. here's your next three days. breezy, warm in the 80s. chance for thunderstorms could be severe in nature. look at thursday, temperature from the 80s to the 60s in one day. breezy once again. but dry under lots of sunshine. friday, even cooler yet into the mid-50s and rain arriving by the afternoon. here's your seven-day outlook, so, for the weekend, chance of showers. we're back into the 70s by saturday. sunday for easter, at this point, it looks dry. especially for morning church services and also for those
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easter egg hunts and the bunny should have no problem laying out the eggs. in the mid-70s. monday and tuesday, mostly cloudy skies and a chance of showers once again into the upper 70s by tuesday. here's angie with your traffic. good morning, angie. >> good morning, angie. thank you very much. the color of the morning so far is green because things looking nice and smooth out there, folks. let's begin with a wide view of the map to show you how. zooming into the outer loop from 95 over to georgia avenue, notice the green cars, that tells as we look outside and track the cameras, our drivers on the capital beltway, they're moving at speed from university. back over to the maps, this time, the focus is on 270, really no complaints thought way going southbound. we do have a little bit of the volume building from 80 down to 109. overall, still a-ok from 121 down toward the split. we begin in virginia, 66 from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway. only about 10 minutes. a 13-minute commute is what you can expect as you hop in the
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car right now and trieval the inner loop to 267. the dulles toll road, looks like both of these roadways are moving at speed. we're look at 95 in maryland in my next traffic report. now back to you. thank you, angie. we're hope to meet a very generous lottery winner in the next few days. >> we know he's from woodbridge and that he bought ten cash five tickets using the same numbers. >> two of those winning tickets have been redeemed by two different people, both of whom told us that the winner gave them that ticket, apparently out of the kindness of his heart for all they've done for him. >> wow, ok. let's see if we can find him. each of the ten winning ticket ises worth $100,000. they were bought at discount tobacco and things on davis highway. we do know the man has worked as a salesman at chrysler jeep dodge. still hopefully he comes forward.
5:19 am
what a great story. >> he's doing it out of the generosity of heart but not any publicity. >> the redskins schedule features an emotional opener if the nfl is playing this fall. >> plus, the caps will try to go up 3-1 tonight at madison square garden. stay tuned for sports. >> before we take a break, it is time for our question of the day. >> what sport do you think americans want to be a part of the olympics that's not in the olympics right now. is it... here's a look at one of the responses you left on our facebook page. sharon compton wrote... >> post your guess on our facebook page and we'll have the answer for you in the next half hour.
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>> we're encounters some areas of patchy dense fog. keep that in mind. otherwise, partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies by 9:00. in the 60s rm we'll see the winds pick up this afternoon. 77 by 1:00 today. we do have a chance for some isolated thunderstorms and some of which could be severe. breezy conditions as well. highs topping out right around the 80s. so, enjoy the warmth. changes coming this way. here's andrea and mike. >> the caps are trying to come away from new york with a win
5:23 am
in their first playoff series. >> even though there is no labor agreement yet, the nfl has released a schedules for the upcoming season. brett haber has more in your mornings sports. >> good morning, everybody. if the nfl lockout is still going on in the second week of september, the following 40 seconds will have been a complete waste of your time in which case you should call roger goodell and dimora smith and ask to be reimbursed for that time. the least they can do for putting the fans last. the nfl rather presumptively released their schedule. the redskins will open at home sunday, september 11th, against the giants in a game that will feature a large scale commemoration of the 10th anniversary of 9-11 as the two teams from the cities most affected by the tragedies square off against one another. as for the rest of the schedule, one monday nighter this year. week three at dallas. the bye in week five. they'll play the bills in toronto in week eight. that's the first time the
5:24 am
redskins will have ever played a regular season game outside u.s. soil. at home against tom brady and the patriots. then the giants, vikes and eagles to close things out. you can see the full schedule at on to hockey, game four of the rangers and caps is tonight in new york. as boudreau's team continues its internal struggle. do we continue to commit ourselves to defense and sacrifice some scoring opportunities or do we step on the gas, crank up the offense but risk a costly defensive breakdown? they've only scored six goals in the first three games and the theory remains play deep first and the goals will come. i think for us, it is just a matter of getting back to that work ethic and that good defensive play that we had the first two games and you know, we'll be fine. >> a chance for us to put ourselves in a real good position or a chance for them to really make it a series. >> game four tonight at 7:00 p.m. our floor director, tom, is
5:25 am
heading up to new york in his red caps jersey. i hope he comes back. i'm brett haber. have a great day. >> the government is expanding the bill of rights for airline passengers. >> plus, we have the potential for some severe weather later today following tornadoes out west last night. details on that after the break. before we head there though, angie with traffic. >> we're keeping an eye on your roads. 95 in maryland, all the way down to the beltway, find your lanes wide open. no incidents along the way. a check on your d.c. roads is ahead in my next traffic report at 5:29. keep it here.
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>> i'm andrea roane. >> we're all sort of coughing and sneezing and allergies and oh, goodness. i'm mike hydeck. angie goff is looking lovely in pink. anny hong --
5:29 am
>> she's healthy. >> so far. >> not contagious, we just sound terrible. >> if it was a cold or sinus infection but you have allergies. >> pollen. >> man, they're crazy. >> you could write on the car almost. >> yeah. >> so, now, we're talking about this morning. if you've got allergies, well, if you do see the showers and thunderstorms, that will help clear up the air. we're looking at areas of patchy, dense fog as you're getting throughout this morning. here is your day planner for today. generally partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions. this afternoon, a chance for some showers and thunderstorms. some could be severe. if you're stepping outside this morning, not too bad. mild in the 50s and 40s. visibility down to a quarter mile for frederick, martinsburg also hagerstown down to zero. you can't see anything. if you live in these cities, make sure you don't take too much time and getting out the door. maybe leave a little sooner so you're not too rushed getting through the roads this morning. your highs for today, look at
5:30 am
the nonetheless. isn't this nice. 80s for downtown. culpepper, you're warm at 87 today. hagerstown, upper 70s. mar tipsburg, 81. luray at 83 degrees. here's angie with your traffic. >> good morning, anny. thank you very much. we've made it halfway through the 5:00 hour. green light stays on. i like what i see out there. we'll zoom it into the district. show you some of our d.c. roads beginning out live with canal and fox hall. worry-free as drivers make their way into georgetown. next stop, northeast d.c. we take you to rhode island avenue where it meets florida. nice and clear all out here. hello, southeast if you're coming in via the suitland parkway or south capital street, this is what you have to deal with. smooth sailing into the district. also, we're checking on your trains and happy to report that metro, vre, marc, all of the lines are running on time. still ahead, 395. we're tracking it heading northbound at 539. andrea, mike, back to you. damage storm reports are
5:31 am
coming in from the country's midsection. >> the latest severe weather outbreak spawned another round of tornadoes last night. some of the twisters hit illinois. and about two dozen customers were herded into a cooler at one of the grocery stores just in time while the lights may be out for awhile, authorities will not get a really good look at the damage until after the sunrise this morning. the good news is no reports of any serious injuries. overnight, the government announced an extension of the passenger bill of rights. the changes include requiring airlines to prominently display the surcharges and hidden fees on their web site. bag fees will be refunded if that you are luggage is lost and passengers bumped from flights will get up to $1300 in compensation. >> right now, airline passengers have the rights of medieval -- we have to petition for anything legal. >> consumer advocates say they want to see a lot more rights added. the department of transportation says it would take up to four months for the
5:32 am
new regulations to be implemented. now, we have surae chinn joining us live with the latest on an air traffic incident this one involving the first lady. >> reporter: a little too close for comfort is what it was. the first lady was returning home from new york. her plane was trying to land here at andrews air force base but obviously the first attempt was aborted. controllers were trying to talk with her pilot and so they made them make a series of turns. then to do what's called a go around, essentially, a single to make a second landing approach. the faa requires a minimum of five miles between planes to avoid dangerous turbulence but a possible mistake in warrenton allowed mrs. obama's plane to get within three miles of a larger military cargo jet and that jet had already landed but would not have been able to exit the runway in time. this is just another embarrassment following the rash of controllers who have
5:33 am
fallen asleep on the job or who are watching movies on the job, angering transportation secretary ray lahood. >> it is totally ridiculous and outrageous. it is totally unprofessional. >> reporter: the faa released a statement saying the boeing 737 landed safely after executing the go-around. the aircraft were never in any danger and so now the faa will continue its investigation here at andrews air force base. back to you. thank you, surae chinn reporting live for us this morning. >> a professional midwife is now charged in the death of a baby. a grand jury has indicted karen karr of baltimore on charges of involuntary manslaughter. during a home birth last year in alexandria, a baby became stuck in the birth canal and died. we're told the mother was 43 years old. this is her first child and she had been warned the baby was in a breach position. doctors 9news spoke with said the infant should have been
5:34 am
delivered via c-section at the hospital. a guard who was beaten at the new beginnings youth detention center is speaking out about his whole ordeal. sill vister young will need surgery to repair the broken bones in his face. two inmates attacked him on early monday. he spent 22 years as a corrections officer. officers caught one of the teenagers, the other one escaped using the keys and young's car. young has complained in the past about a staffing shortage as well as doors to inmates' rooms not working properly. >> i couldn't even get a chance to yell out. nobody was around me to do that. when you have one man on the other side of the unit. >> you know your doors are malfunctioning and no one stepped in? those doors should have been fixed immediately. >> d.c. police did find officer young's car but they're still looking for the escapee. new beginnings opened in 2009. >> if you pass potomac mills, you play spot a major emergency. but prince william county police and fire tell 9news this
5:35 am
is just a drill. first responders will be taking part in an exercise from 8:00 a.m. to noon today and passersby may see a large number of emergency vehicles. it is time now at 5:35 for another your money report this morning. >> jessica doyle is back with a look at a hiring blitz. >> we're talking about a hiring blitz at mcdonald's. we're lovin' it from an economic standpoint. thousands showed up at mcdonald's around the country including restaurants in our area. and the goal for the golden arches to hire 50,000 new employees in one day. the chain looking to expand the hours of operations at some locations, among other priorities. you may be asking as for the workers, is there a big incentive beyond landing a job that pays more than $8 an hour on average. mcdonald's says half of its franchise owners started working behind the counter. a virginia jury has convicted the majority owner of what has been called one of the
5:36 am
nation's largest mortgage companies. lee markous was found guilty in a $2.9 billion fraud trial. officials say it is one of the most significant prosecutions to launch in the nation's financial crisis. prosecutors say markous led a fraud for eight years as chairman of florida-based taylor bean and whitaker. it not only caused that company's 2009 collapse and put 2,000 employees out of work but it also contributed to the collapse of colonial bank which was the sixth largest bank failure in u.s. history. >> the air fares are going up. now it looks like fewer people may be willing to spend money on the higher ticket prices. u.s. airlines reported flying more empty seats in march and the air transport association says growth is slowing among leisure travelers looking to book vacations overseas. so, we'll have to see if maybe we'll see some prices float back down again if the airlines aren't able to fill up the plane. >> consumers have power. just have to exercise it.
5:37 am
thanks, jess. >> a move may be underfoot to block another big box store from coming to the area. >> plus, really good news about the crab population in the chesapeake bay. we'll be right back. hi, i'm mark fisher, ceo of sport and health.
5:38 am
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>> it is a nierks mild day to start off your wednesday. we're seeing areas of patchy, dense fog. here's your day planner for today. already in the 60s by 9:00. partly cloudy. we're warming up into the upper 70s and low 80s. visibility is down to zero up north in hagerstown. martinsburg, quarter mile. same as frederick. so, definitely you're going to want to take extra time if you live in those communities. here's angie with your traffic. >> good morning. right now, we're tracking 395
5:40 am
headed northbound, the roadway moving well here. drivers from 495 to shirlington to the 14th street bridge, nothing along the way to worry about. left center lane blocked with the construction crossing the bridge. more virginia roads at 5:47. mike, andrea, back to you. it appears the montgomery county council is moving to block a push by county executive ike leggett. "the washington examiner" reports some council members have formed a coalition against a $4 million grant. that grant is designed to lure big box retailer costco to a site in wheaton as part of leggett's plan to revitalize the area. the crab population in the chesapeake bay is thriving with the credit going to those controversial harvesting limits of ears past. the annual survey just released shows the crab population stands at 460 million, well above the 249 million back three years ago just before the harvesting limits were imposed. governor martin o'malley says because the crab population is
5:41 am
coming back, the restrictions may be rolled back. >> coming up on 5:41, we'll answer our question of the day next. >> we'll get some fan reviews of charlie sheen's one-man show here in d.c. last night. >> right now, let's see who's celebrating a birthday today, april 20th. retired supreme court justice john paul stevens is 91. he's big with star trek fans. actor george takei is 74. actor ryan o'neal is 70. >> for our red -- former redskins coach spurrier turns 66. jessica lange is 72. actor carmen electra is 39. happy birthday if it is your day!  çñ
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>> anny hong is here with a nice forecast when you think about it. >> yeah, once we deal with the areas of patchy, dense fog this morning. clear skies, a light winds and the saturated ground. rains yesterday. that is producing some areas of
5:45 am
dense fog this morning. you might encounter that on your drive in. otherwise, yes, andrea, you're absolutely right. pretty nice day. warm conditions out there. here's a look at your day planner and bus stop forecast. a lot of folks, i know kids are on spring break. of some are you not. here's your forecast. this morning, partly cloudy and patchy dense fog in the 50s and 60s. sunrise at 6:25 this morning. we're looking at partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions in the 60s by 9:00. 70s by the noon hour. take your lunches outside. we do have a chance for thunderstorms though in the afternoon. also, some gusty winds out of the southwest up to 18 miles per hour. by 5:00. currently, it is in the 50s for d.c., manassas, 48, leesburg, 52. lur ray at 54 degrees. fredericksburg, 71 degrees. we have patchy dense fog. more sunshine today compared to yesterday. some clouds and showers are possible. and severe thunderstorms are possible, too, which includes
5:46 am
damaging wind gusts and downpours if we see them. your visibility, we're focusing on northern maryland, potomac highlands and also the shenandoah valley. hagerstown, you're down to zero visibilities. you can't see anything. martinsburg and frederick down to a quarter mile. leesburg as well. winchester, two miles. in the d.c. metro area and downtown, 9 miles. we have no problems there. visibility is just fine. here's a look at the satellite and radar picture combined. look at these line of storms. now, the western part of our viewing area may see some possibility of better chances for some storms. we have some tornado watches and warnings probably very likely for today. now, for the rest of today, what are we expecting? by wednesday afternoon, a few clouds. otherwise, a pretty nice day. we do have a chance for some showers once again and thunderstorms. but nothing widespread at this point. for today. tomorrow, looks really nice. lots of sunshine. but cooler as a cold front comes through. friday evening, yet we're looking at some widespread rain
5:47 am
from friday into saturday. so, your highs for today, look at these numbers, aren't these nice? 80s for downtown. fredericksburg, mid-80s. annapolis upper 70s. luray, 82. winchester around 83 degrees. cumberland up to 80 as well. well above average. for the next three days, breezy and warm in the 80s for today. chance of showers, thunderstorms, some could be severe. tomorrow, much cooler. 63 and breezy. friday, rain arriving by the afternoon. cooler yet in the mid-50s. for the weekend, showers on saturday. but back into the 70s then on sunday, for easter sunday, it looks like we're going to stay dry for the better half of the day. the easter bunny will have no problems and for those easter egg hunts, we're looking pretty good. mostly cloudy and a chance for some showers once again. if you like the nice weather and the warmth, get out today. things will change in the next
5:48 am
couple of days. here's angie with your traffic. >> good morning, anny. thank you very much. 13 minutes away from the 6:00 hour. we turned on the yellow light because there are a couple of accidents out there we're following. let's begin out in howard county. route 32 is closed in both directions. this is between didelphia and -- triadelphia and you'll want to use route 97 as your alternate. an overturn could be out there for quite some time. moving over to haymarket, log mill road is currently closed at james madison highway. no telling when they'll have this clear. police are on the scene. follow their direction to get around this. 66, no incidents or accidents to report. just filling out quite a bit from 50 to 123. again from 234, your usual suspects. we're talking about the delay from the prince william parkway up toward 123. and continuing over to our outer loop, we're tracking your travel times north of the district. and it looks like from 95 to
5:49 am
270, we're still in the clear here. only about ten minutes. southbound on 95 no problems from 216 to the beltway. the beltway from route 4 pennsylvania to the wilson bridge. only about ten minutes. st in the arrow going up. it is getting a little bit longer. still ahead, an update on the accidents i told you about. mike, we'll have that for you at 6:00. >> making news at 5:49, today marks one year since the explosion of the deep water horizon oil rig. the blast killed 11 workers and triggered the worst oil spill in history sending more than 200 million gallons of crude into the gulf of mexico. the united nations security council is now discussing what to do about the escalating violence in yemen. police killed a few protestors. the demonstrators want to oust the country's president who's been in power for 32 years. more than 120 people have been killed since the protest started earlier this year. >> the army private suspected
5:50 am
of leaking classified documents to wikileaks is being moved now. bradley manning is being transferred from quant to fort leavenworth, kansas. they have accused the military of mistreating manning at quantico. charlie sheen, well, he brought himself and his one-man show to d.c. last night but not until after he appeared in a los angeles courtroom. sheen attended a custody hearing where he was seeking to regain custody of his twin boys from estranged wife brooke mueller. however, the judge let stand the original agreement which keeps the toddlers in mewler's care. our lindsey mastis went to the show at constitution hall. >> reporter: he arrived by police escort and immediately talked to fans. >> had a police escort. >> i know. >> we ran more red lights than brooke mueller heading to a pawnshop. >> this is the first time he mentioned his estranged wife, brooke mueller. inside, he was welcomed with cheers and eventually began
5:51 am
talking about what happened in court today. even though he said he wasn't allowed. he said he insisted that brooke mueller take a drug test and that he's waiting for the results. as for the performance -- there were cheers, boos and heckles. he got the most cheers by talking about washington. he even more a washington nationals jersey. fans say this is what they wanted. >> they asked him how things went in court today. he said he couldn't talk about it. he said but who have you heard. maybe there's some truth to it. >> it is nice he cares, talks to everybody. real nice. >> most of the people who attended the performance say it was worth the money they came out saying winning. charlie sheen was about an hour late and he did apologize for his tardiness on stage. in washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> now, while the fans lindsey spoke with seemed to enjoy his performance, there's some disagreement online. we found web postings saying a lot of people left constitution
5:52 am
hall early, disappointed with the show. a show meaning there should be a plot. i didn't think there was one. >> it is time now -- you're not getting much argument from me. time for the question of the day. >> what sport do most americans want to be part of the olympics but it is not currently in the olympics? is it a, football. b, dodge ball or c, lacrosse? >> here is a look at one of the responses you left on our facebook page. lisa wrote i'm going with football since it is popular with men and women but c, lacrosse, may be the correct answer. >> eric johnson wrote a, american version football. i would love to see the australian version in there instead. now, i thought lacrosse, given the popularity would be the answer but get this. it is b, dodge ball! >> in the olympics? >> that would actually be kind of funny. little weird but funny. >> the intercounty connector will be extended further east. that story is coming up in our next half hour.
5:53 am
>> coming up next, how you can enjoy the royal wedding experience without getting a seat at westminster abbey. jess, over to you. >> well, this one is for the ladies. a manicure that lasts for two weeks, no chipping or drying times? we put this new product to the test. you're watching 9news now. dry mouth is uncomfortable.
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stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. good morning. time now, 5:56. on your wednesday morning, waking up to partly cloudy conditions out there. by 9:00 this morning, 68. noon in the 70s. take your lunch outside as long as it is not thunderstorming out there. by 5:00, in the upper 7020s low 80s. we do have a chance for thunderstorms. some which could be severe. keep your eye out for that. we also have some areas of patchy dense fog this morning. you may encounter that during your drive in. here's angie. >> thank you, anny. we're now less than ten days away from the royal wedding. as the excitement builds, more people are finalizing their plans for the big day on april 29th. our expert royal watcher hillary fordwich returns with more on what people are doing around here but first, two people we're concerned about. katherine middleton and prince
5:57 am
william. they're definitely finalizing their plans. you're here to talk about their wedding prep and how they're mixing tradition with some things of their own. >> yes, absolutely. at the rehearsal prince william admitted his knees were knocking the whole time and when catherine was asked if she was nervous, she said of course, everybody is. there are going to be at westminster abbey and that church king henry 1st was married there. but only 16 royal weddings have occurred there. about 537 years until another wedding was there. but everyone actually since victoria has been there including the current queen and that will be of course prince william's grandmother and his great grandmother and queen victoria. it is historical. >> we're looking at pictures of kate middleton. >> the night before the wedding -- >> she won't be staying in the
5:58 am
palace. she will be staying in a hotel. >> this is her own thing. she is doing her own makeup. >> that is true. >> and that is something that's very unique because usually they have of course, attendants but that's what she's decided. we're beginning to see signs of what they want to do. i think it is making the royal family far more in touch with what most people live with. and more relatable to the public as well. >> she will have some traditional flowers. there's talk of whether she'll wear a tiara or flowers in her hair. she will have some -- it has been a royal tradition for her to wear things from the bouquet. >> we want to rattle off a couple of things going on in our area. because there's going to be a lot of watch parties. a charity tea party in d.c. party like a princess shopping event. a chic prelude happening in
5:59 am
georgetown and the ritz-carlton watch party is throwing a big breakfast buffet and watch party. we have all of this listed. if you go to our web site to the home page, you'll see a picture of william and kate off to the right side. you click on it under the check it out box and it will bring you to this page and pretty much, the interview i've done with hillary, they'll be posted there along with things you can do to celebrate with the big day. hillary, a pleasure to have you back with us again. >> we'll see you next week. >> all right. now back to you. >> i have my hat all set for next week. i'm ready. >> me, too. >> thank you for watching 9news now. wait until you see my hat, you'll love it. >> i'm mike hydeck. angie will be back over with traffic in a moment. anny has your weather first. she's in for howard. >> hold ton your hats for today. we're talking about breezy conditions. really nice day to be outside. here's a look at your day planner where we're going to see partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions. we